Welcome to Marien Hospital Düsseldorf

Ever long years Marien Hospital Düsseldorf has been focused on  international patients by providing excellent services in the field of medicin and administration.

Every request is treated highly professional and schould be answered within two working days. We are taking great care to give you fast feedback regarding your stay at our clinic and the best treatments that we can offer.

Our hospital applies latest technologie and treatments with 437 beds and 63.000 patients yearly.

As an academic hospital, we are a nationally recognized center of science and high performance medicine. Marien Hospital is one of the few institutions in Düsseldorf and vicinity that combines all clinical specialists in modern diagnostics and treatment under one roof.

This allows us to take a „complete care“ of our patients in the immediate vicinity. Thanks to our extensive experience in diagnosis and our interdisciplinary cooperation with individual specialist clinics, we are providing our patients with the best treatments success in the shortest time.

Our hospital is located in the center of Düsseldorf and therefor offers good connections to other cities in NRW, for those who would like to combine their stay with tourism.