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EU Patients

EU-Patients pay the same price as german elective benefit patients.

EU-Patients, which are in the EHIC agreement and in possession of a health insurance card are treated as an emergency at the basic rate.

For planned treatments, we need approval from your health insurance company that the treatment can be carried out in Germany.

Non-EU Patients

Non-EU Patients are treated as private patients. They also pay the same price as all german private patients too.

After receiving the medical information regarding the desired or necessary treatment, we offer the following services:


2.Cost estimates

3.Written invitation provided for the responsible visa section

4.Treatment of the patient

5.Invoices for the treatments

6.Invoice lists with original invoices for the patients

Required information for the visa application

Confirmation of the treatment request from the responsible doctor / professor

Confirmation of the diposite payment

Passport copies from the patient and the accompanying person, if necessary


If the embassy refuses the request, the total amount will be paid back immediately.

For long-term treatments, we also rent rooms in our house, we would be happy to put you in contact.

If there is a need to rent such a room, please send a request in advance.