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After receipt of medical information regarding the desired or necessary treatment, we offer the following services:

  • Diagnosis
  • Preparation of a cost estimate
  • Preparation of the required written invitation for the visa office responsible
  • Patient treatment
  • Preparation of invoices for the treatments carried out
  • Preparation of invoice lists with original invoices for patients



For a treatment inquiry, please send all relevant information to:
international.office@vkkd-kliniken.de or anke.graef@vkkd-kliniken.de

In order to evaluate the treatment options, we require up-to-date doctors’ letters, findings, laboratory values, X-rays, CT and MRT images. Please send documentation in German or English.

As soon as we have all the information required, we will forward your inquiry to the relevant department in our hospital and provide a response as soon as possible.

Large image files may be saved on CD or another storage medium. Please send these via post to the following address:

International Office
FTAO Anke Graef
Rochusstrasse 2
40479 Germany

Documentation sent by post will not be returned. We therefore request that you do not send the originals and only send copies.


Our prices are based on the German DRG system (German Diagnosis Related Groups) and on the German Scale of Fees for Physicians (GOÄ) and are shown transparently for you. The costs may be accepted by your insurance.

As private patients, EU patients pay the same price as German optional services patients.

EU patients who have a health insurance card according to the EHIC agreement are treated at the basic tariff as emergency cases. For planned treatments, we require consent from your insurance that the treatment may be carried out in Germany.

Non-EU patients will only be treated as private patients.

You will receive a cost estimate from us including all anticipated treatment costs.

Payments must be made before the treatment begins. This is the only way to guarantee medical treatment.

The final invoice can be provided by the International Office after the end of treatment and invoicing.


Absorption of costs by a cost bearer or embassy can only be accepted with previous approval by the hospital.

Repayments of overpaid deposit payments will be refunded immediately after the end of treatment.


Please note that for the preparation of a visa application, a security for the anticipated treatment costs must be paid. This payment must be certified to the embassy in order to receive a visa. The payment will be offset against the future treatment costs.

If a visa application is refused, these costs will be immediately reimbursed on submission of the refusal.

  • Ein Icon für den BereichAcceptance of the treatment request from the chief physician responsible
  • Ein Icon für den BereichConfirmation of payment of deposit
  • Ein Icon für den BereichCopies of patient’s passport and passport of the accompanying person, if necessary. If entry is refused by the embassy, payments made in advance will of course be refunded.
  • Ein Icon für den BereichFor longer-term treatments, we also rent out rooms in our buildings and would be happy to establish contact for you. If you need to rent a room, please inquire in advance.